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Aurora Australis From Space

Thursday June 24th, 2010. 08:38 AM. [Photos, Spain]. 1 Comment.


Photograph courtesy Johnson Space Center/NASA

Beautiful southern Polar light (or Aurora Australis). Here in Helsinki is ¿impossible? to see Norther Lights, you will have more chances to see them the norther you go and better in February/March.

In winter of 2007 I was in a trip to Lapland… close to Rovaniemi and we were lucky to see in action these magic lights. They move more slowly that I thought, and also if you want to take a picture of them you will need a camera where you can set a long exposure time (or some cameras with fireworks-mode can do the trick).

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Create your blog 20sec  on Wednesday November 3rd, 2010. 10:28 PM

me encanta ver la aurora voreal,me inspira mucho romantisismo,saludos juanjose

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