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Ruisleipä - Rye bread

Thursday June 27th, 2013. 01:18 AM. [Finland culture, helsinki]. No Comments.

There are some regional variations of traditional dark Finnish bread across the country, but the concept is the same - fibre-rich, nutritious, low-fat baking, with a sour dough base. This is why the overtly non-sweet taste of Finnish ruisleipä distinguishes it from similar rye breads of other countries, and often doesn’t always suit the taste buds of all foreigners. However, it is one of the Finnish best-selling breads.
– by Evgenie Bogdanov. (for SixDegrees magazine.)

Now my opinion:
I like a lot Finnish bread that has a mix of rye (15%) and wheat. But pure rye bread is not my thing at all. Maybe healthier than white bread, but it wasn’t invented to enjoy.

This is an TV advert of Jälkiuunipala, a rye bread made with low temperature (according to the Wikipedia), to get it dense and hard as a rock. And the Finns like it !

As Hard as Life.
The father says “Are you hungry or not?”

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