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Helsinki - Horizon 2030

Thursday July 18th, 2013. 09:17 AM. [History, helsinki]. 1 Comment.

This is a video from the City Planning Department of the City of Helsinki, where you can see the really ambitious projects that are planned to expand the city. Some of these projects already started.

A screenshot from the video:

To understand these projects in an historic context check out the next map. It’s fascinating to see how the west side of the capital (Ruoholahti -Jätkäsaari ) has grown, and by 2030 will almost double its size again.

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Oscar Enrique Uribe Arias.  on Tuesday June 2nd, 2015. 05:31 PM

Hola vi su proyecto que tienen planeado en mi opinion no lo hagan :( mejor dejemos que Finlandia sea natural y hermoso y no lleno de edificios, quiero ir a Finlandia y calculo que cumplire mi sueño de ir como para el 2025 y para ese tiempo ya no va ver tantos bosques por favor no lo hagan! :(

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