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Olive Oil in Finland

Wednesday July 31st, 2013. 01:15 PM. Published under Spain. 6 Comments.

If you are in Finland and you want olive oil, in almost every supermarket you will find a wide range of products. Normally from Italy and Greece. But I recommend you this one: ArteOliva, from Córdoba Spain. You can find it in S-Market and (I think?) K-Market. It’s a medium-soft-taste olive oil, very good for salads. I didn’t notice much difference between these 2 variants:


The (really) ugly cardboard package maintains the properties of the oil better, because it doesn’t let in the light.

Giant map of Spain shown at Kamppi, Helsinki

Saturday June 1st, 2013. 12:16 AM. Published under Spain, helsinki. 4 Comments.

Last weekend I found this in Kamppi Square: a 250 square meter giant interactive map of Spain.

I had the chance to talk with some Spanish people from the Spanish Tourist office in Helsinki, (but not Pedro), and also I talked with a Finnish man, who joined us in the conversation after asking in Finnish: “What language are you talking? Spanish?”


More information here in Facebook.

Do people eat reindeer meat in Finland?

Tuesday March 26th, 2013. 01:36 PM. Published under Finland culture, Spain. 4 Comments.

Yes, but rarely. Finns don’t eat normally reindeer meat, although I see it constantly being promoted to tourists. The typical reindeer dish from Lapland is poronkäristys .
This capture is from Helsinki Times newspaper, where you can see that reindeer meat consumption by average is only 0.5 Kg per person. And I guess that it was served to tourists.

Should I make a joke about Horse consumption and Findus? Oh well.

And yes, in Spain we love meat.
World Meat consumption http://chartsbin.com/view/bhy
Source: http://lihatiedotus.fi/www/fi/tilastot/lihan_kulutus_euroopassa.php

Spaniards around the world

Tuesday August 28th, 2012. 11:02 AM. Published under Spain, Summer, Tampere, Videos, helsinki. No Comments.

Video [in Spanish] about Spaniards living in Finland. It was recorded this spring-summer 2012.
Tampere, Helsinki, Turku

Doña Julia Golf

Thursday May 17th, 2012. 11:57 AM. Published under Spain. 3 Comments.

If you are thinking about going to Costa Del Sol (Spain) to play golf, I recommend you Doña Julia Golf (Pronounced Donya Hulia). My father is part of the team that is taking care of it and he’s really proud of the state of course. They are nice people and professional.


These pictures of Doña Julia Golf are actually in the winter. It’s sunny all around the year, yay!. That’s why it’s called Coast of the Sun.

Christmas coming …

Sunday November 20th, 2011. 11:44 AM. Published under Funny, Music, Photos, Spain, Winter, helsinki. No Comments.

Having a walk today on Sunday in Helsinki we found a small celebration: Helsinki’s centre was lit up with the annual Christmas Street opening. In this article of YLE says that this year Helsinki’s Christmas Street Aleksanterinkatu is illuminated with LED lights for the first time.


Can you see the red-dressed chorus?

It was quite original that one of the songs was a rap with beat-boxing. Poor guys were freezing and my hands too, sorry for the shaky image.

Finnish people are used to this, but foreigners could not know that in winter, when temperature starts to go below 0, means that it’s time of long underwear (kerrasto).


Coming back to home, sunset already at 5 PM.


I will spend this Xmas in Finland, so probably I will post more pictures, hopefully white Christmas again like last year.

Andalusian people around the world: Helsinki

Friday October 28th, 2011. 09:41 AM. Published under Spain, Videos, helsinki. 2 Comments.


Os invito a sumergiros en Helsinki, en la vida del día a día en la capital de Finlandia de mano de 4 andaluces muy apañaos.

Es con diferencia uno de los mejores reportajes de Finlandia en español que he visto. Enseña todas esas cosas que los expatriados que vivimos aquí siempre contamos a nuestros amigos y familia. Y sin caer en los tópicos finlandeses: Santa Claus, la nieve, el frío, renos, etc


Aurora Australis From Space

Thursday June 24th, 2010. 08:38 AM. Published under Photos, Spain. 1 Comment.


Photograph courtesy Johnson Space Center/NASA

Beautiful southern Polar light (or Aurora Australis). Here in Helsinki is ¿impossible? to see Norther Lights, you will have more chances to see them the norther you go and better in February/March.

In winter of 2007 I was in a trip to Lapland… close to Rovaniemi and we were lucky to see in action these magic lights. They move more slowly that I thought, and also if you want to take a picture of them you will need a camera where you can set a long exposure time (or some cameras with fireworks-mode can do the trick).

Related: Northern lights time-lapse videos.


Monday June 7th, 2010. 11:46 AM. Published under Music, Photos, Spain, Winter. 2 Comments.

A couple of pics from Estepona, my hometown. It was great to go see family and friends. It’s definitely the hardest part of being away.



Fernando Alonso leading Formula 1 2010

Wednesday March 17th, 2010. 03:10 PM. Published under Spain. No Comments.

Last Sunday Spanish Fernando Alonso won the Bahrain Grand Prix F1 2010. It was his debut in Ferrari and I didn’t miss it. It was his dream during many years to become Ferrari´s driver. I watched in laSexta (Spanish Channel) who is broadcasting whole Formula 1 season live .

I enjoyed watching it, but I understand also the Finnish point of view. Alonso was signed in the offseason to replace Finnish Kimi Raikkonen.

Finnish people don’t celebrate anymore.

In the inside article they give a “dry” description of the race and says that Alonso did what Raikkonen did 3 years ago, who also won on his Ferrari debut.

Let’s see what happens next race (28th of March, Australia)