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Finland - Land of the Midnight Sun

Friday March 8th, 2013. 12:43 PM. Published under Finland culture, Music, Videos. 4 Comments.

New video promoting Finland and its endless Summer nights under the Midnight Sun. More info in visitfinland.com or finland.fi.

Don’t think about the mosquitos, just enjoy the music and relax with the video:

Did you know this blog is part of finland.fi? (Spanish Blogs Section, olé)

Christmas coming …

Sunday November 20th, 2011. 11:44 AM. Published under Funny, Music, Photos, Spain, Winter, helsinki. No Comments.

Having a walk today on Sunday in Helsinki we found a small celebration: Helsinki’s centre was lit up with the annual Christmas Street opening. In this article of YLE says that this year Helsinki’s Christmas Street Aleksanterinkatu is illuminated with LED lights for the first time.


Can you see the red-dressed chorus?

It was quite original that one of the songs was a rap with beat-boxing. Poor guys were freezing and my hands too, sorry for the shaky image.

Finnish people are used to this, but foreigners could not know that in winter, when temperature starts to go below 0, means that it’s time of long underwear (kerrasto).


Coming back to home, sunset already at 5 PM.


I will spend this Xmas in Finland, so probably I will post more pictures, hopefully white Christmas again like last year.


Sunday October 10th, 2010. 11:09 AM. Published under Autumn, Music, Photos, Winter, helsinki. 3 Comments.



Monday June 7th, 2010. 11:46 AM. Published under Music, Photos, Spain, Winter. 2 Comments.

A couple of pics from Estepona, my hometown. It was great to go see family and friends. It’s definitely the hardest part of being away.



Helsinki transport & Finnish Punctuality

Monday November 23rd, 2009. 12:39 PM. Published under Finland culture, Music, Photos, Videos, helsinki. 5 Comments.

Finnish people are punctual. If they say 11 o’clock, is 11′oclock. Even between friends more than 10-15 minutes delay is considered rude. In Spain… how could I say… we take time in a more relaxed way generally :D

This photo is the bus schedule from a City Bus in center of Helsinki. 3 main sections: Ma-Pe (Monday-Friday), La (Saturday), Su (Sunday). First row (in bold) you see the hour (18 for example), and the column under represents the minutes (18:10, 18:24, etc.)


Besides of the strange way of representing the timetable, it amazes me its accuracy . If it says there that the bus number 20 is going to be at 18:52 in that stop… it will be there (90% of times). Spanish urban buses timetables normally only say tells frequency (for example “every 15 minutes”).

In Helsinki every year is sent to home a small book containing all routes and timetables of urban transport (bus, metro, tram).

All this is nice, but in the end is paper, very 20th century thing. Is it not supposed to be Finland a high-technology country? (more…)

Sustainable forest management in Finland

Saturday August 15th, 2009. 01:37 AM. Published under Finland culture, Music. 1 Comment.

Yesterday I fund the article “Most sustainable forest of the world” in El País (main newspaper in Spain), where they talk mainly about 3 topics:

1. Forest in Finland: 85% of Finland is forest (23 millions of hectares), of wich:

  • 95% of them have sustainable certificate (they are social, economically and environmental equilibrated)
  • 60% of them is private.
  • All of them is under the concept of EveryMan’s Right, I talked other day.

Compared with Spain, only 7% of Spanish forest (1.123.000 hectares) has this certificate of sustainable, but it’s growing.

2. Modern machines for cutting/preparing trees. Monsters capable of prepare a tree in 1 minute. In the right sidebar of the article there is a video showing this machine, but of course in youtube you can find more videos about this machines.


3. Process to make a forest sustainable: 30 years minimum of waiting for cutting again, re-foresting, etc. and also is important that companies who purchase paper or wood should demand the certificate of sustainable to the provider, as spanish comany Zara, or Tetra Pack.

If you visit/live in Helsinki city, probably you won’t see this wood industry, but going inside of the country and you will see different samples of this industry everywhere, like this photo in Pirkanmaa region:


Video: Kid Cudi - Make her say

Saturday July 25th, 2009. 01:48 AM. Published under Music, Videos. No Comments.

I didn’t know this artist before but I loved this video for his new single Make Her Say, appearing alongside his collaborators Kanye West and Common. Excellent photography in split-screen with catchy chorus sampling the hit Lady Gaga - Poker Face.
Director Nez Khammal from Colonel Blimp house (same as great Dougal Wilson and french Pleix)


Watch the video here (or clicking over the image)

Fliis, instant song search

Thursday April 9th, 2009. 01:05 PM. Published under Music. 2 Comments.

When you want to find a song fastly that comes to your head, what’s your method? Mine it was to look it in youtube.com or Radioblog.
But today I have discovered the ultimate song searcher: Fliis. (based on Youtube API) Test it! You will not regret. And you can make playlists. Check these 3 songs.

Spanish crisis in Finnish TV

Saturday April 4th, 2009. 08:04 AM. Published under About the blog, Job, Music, Opinion, Spain. 22 Comments.

A Finnish TV channel has created a short documentary about Spanish crisis. After the crazy growth of the construction last years and speculation, the happy days are finished. The bubble has burst. Nowadays Spain has the highest unemployment rate in all Europe and many families with economic difficulties.


You can see a piece of this documentary here (Finnish & Spanish language with Finnish subtitles)..


Wednesday March 25th, 2009. 12:20 PM. Published under Music, People, Spain, Videos. 5 Comments.

Promoting my hometown… ESTEPONA (Málaga)

Estepona, in the coast of Málaga is renowned for its beaches, which stretch along some 21 km of coastline. Bordering with Marbella, its population in 2007 is 65.0000. More data en Wikipedia.

When here snow starts to melt, in Estepona people starts to go to the beach… it’s not fair, not.