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El Hekla y la psicosis por dar la última noticia

Monday April 19th, 2010. 09:54 AM. Published under Scandinavia. 3 Comments.

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Finland, Lapland, vikings, Nordic countries, Scandinavia… let’s clear up all these.

Saturday July 18th, 2009. 03:54 PM. Published under Finland culture, Scandinavia. 17 Comments.

I started looking what countries belong to Scandinavia… and everyplace they say something different.  So I’m going to try to explain it here from the basis, and also other concepts. And please if you want to correct/add something, leave a comment:

Finland is a country with its own language,  Finnish, and Suomi is the name of the country in the Finnish language. It’s a young country, independent since 1917. Its capital is Helsinki as you know.


Scandinavia is a not-official term and quite ambiguous. Geographically, the Scandinavian Peninsula, (more…)

Finland? = Such a cold weather, isn’t it?

Saturday June 27th, 2009. 02:54 AM. Published under Finland culture, Photos, Scandinavia, Summer. 2 Comments.

Not always. Summer in Finland exists!. This is the weather for this weekend. Tampere, in the center of Finland, will be 29º today, same temperature than in Costa del Sol, Málaga (Spain).


Full weather page from Aamulehti 27.06.2009 (500 Kb).

* Huomenna = Tomorrow
* Sää = Weather
* Aurinko = Sun

Aurinko dates tells you when is the sunrise and the sunset. You can appreciate a difference between Helsinki and Tampere because of their different latitudes. To see the midnight sun, (”night-without night” in finnish: yötön yö), when the sun is visible for a continuous 24 hours you will have to go to the north, Lapland. For example Rovaniemi, close to the Arctic Circle, midnigt sun is from 6th of June to 6th of July. Of course, more north you go, more days you can see the midnight sun. The extreme is the North Pole with 6 months daytime, 6 months nighttime in the year.


What people do in summer in Tampere? Go to the beach of the lake, their boats/yachts, sauna, fishing,… whatever but try to be all the time they can outside, because summer is short in Finland and you have to take most of it.


A glance at Tampere

Sunday June 14th, 2009. 10:07 AM. Published under Finland culture, Photos, Scandinavia, Videos. 7 Comments.

Since living in Tampere,  I would like to show my relatives and friends in Spain that living in Tampere, and Finland in general, is not so cold weather always, I mean it’s not that cold all year long. Now that the summer is coming and I can prove it, I prepared a short videoclip showing Tampere through Näsinneula tower sights.  Also I wanted to show the large amount of hours of day light in summer, something surprising even to me. Although I have been 1 year studying before in Helsinki, this is my first summer in Tampere.

You can download it here in in better quality (50 Mb) or watch it just under these lines through youtube (click on HQ button). Spanish version here.

Some details about the video:

Change of header

Sunday June 14th, 2009. 08:56 AM. Published under Photos, Scandinavia, Spring, Winter. No Comments.

Winter left us some months ago. I change the header of the blog that showed the frozen sea of Helsinki.


Thanks to photographer Jono Rento, who give me permission to use one of his great photographs of his Scandinavian / Lapland Travel Diary.  Concretly this one is from Oulu. Kiitos!