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Spaniards around the world

Tuesday August 28th, 2012. 11:02 AM. Published under Spain, Summer, Tampere, Videos, helsinki. No Comments.

Video [in Spanish] about Spaniards living in Finland. It was recorded this spring-summer 2012.
Tampere, Helsinki, Turku

Recomendaciones para Tampere y Helsinki

Monday November 8th, 2010. 12:24 PM. Published under Finland culture, Tampere, helsinki. 4 Comments.

Sorry, this entry is only available in español.

Cheap Flights Spain - Finland. My experience.

Saturday February 20th, 2010. 01:42 PM. Published under Spain, Tampere, helsinki. 18 Comments.

Spain is a popular destination for holidays among Finnish people. This is the picture of the home page of Air Finland and shows All Europe flights that they offer. Not France, Greece…etc. Only Spain.


I’m from Málaga and it’s good to have direct Air Finland flights (5 hours) for 130-200€ one way.
Not bad price, but you can find cheaper ways if you don’t fly directly. For example Helsinki - London, and then London-Málaga. Bad thing is that you will spend all day long in airports and you have the risk of losing your suitcases in the first flight (still didn’t happen to me) or a delayed first flight that will make that you can’t take the second flight. No refunds, because they are 2 independent flight tickets.

But if you want so save some money, you will have to take these risks.


The best tool I have found to search combination of flights is skyscanner. Also I like that you can make generic searches. From Finland (without city) to Spain, and it will show you all airports, the whole month, etc and indirect flights are automatically calculated .

After finding the right flight, jump to the airline company website to book the flight.

Ryanair (from Tampere) and Easyjet (from Helsinki) are normally the cheapest ones, both flying to London. And then London-Malaga.

Remember that flight prices only includes 1 handbag of max-weight 10 kg. Any extra suitcase you will have to pay for it. If you have an extra suitcase, Ryanair adds 15€ and limits max-weight is 15 Kg. Easyjet adds 9 pounds and max-weight is 20 Kg.

Also, they will add other extra in the last step of the payment. Because of paying with credit card you will have to pay some extra euros. (Except Easyjet it will be free if you pay with Visa Electron).

So if you take 2 flights, multiply by 2 these “extras”.. and think if still worth it. Also add the price of a meal in London airport because you’ll be hungry after the first flight. (And you will have to change cash to pounds to pay!)

More tips:

  • GOOD news. Ryanair will open a base in Málaga, opening a direct route Málaga - Tampere since June 2010. Also from Málaga to Aarhus, Berlin (Schonefeld), Bratislava, Eindhoven, Gothenburg, Krakow, Maastricht, Memmingen (Munich West), Oslo (Torp), Paris (Beauvais), Pisa, Santander, Santiago, Stockholm (Skavsta), Valladolid, Venice (Treviso), Wroclaw and Zaragoza.
  • Cheap flights airlines are VERY strict with sizes and weights… some times being ridiculous about it. Don’t risk, make sure you are not overweight. And your handbag is correct size.
  • If you are planing to go to Helsinki, a Tampere->Helsinki Train costs (now) 36 € 28 €

I will add here more tips in the future. I hope it’s helpful. Please ! add some tips in the comments, or experiences. I will like to know your experience too.

Update 9th of June. These holidays I took 2 flights with Easyjet from Málaga -> Manchester -> Helsinki, about 100 € all together. I was lucky that the vulcano wasn’t active during that time and I didn’t have problems except that my suitcase was lost in Manchester (it didn’t arrive from Málaga). I had to fill a form and happy end: They ship the suitcase to my address in Helsinki and it arrived 1 week later. No extra cost. I had to call them all the time to know about the status of the process, at the beginning they give you a reference and you can track it online in mylostbag.com. If it happens to you, don’t worry, 95% of suitcases are found

Google Street Views in Finland

Monday February 15th, 2010. 02:31 PM. Published under Finland culture, Photos, Summer, Tampere. 2 Comments.

Look this picture from Tampere’s lake Näsijärvi.


Professional photographer? Nop, it’s from one of the cars of Google Street View. (click over the picture)

It’s so easy to take good pics in Finland, specially in summer. Everything looks perfect. I love that little summer clouds that always are there in Finnish summer

Google Street View Service just started last week? in Finland. They have covered many little towns of Finland, not only big cities. It seems they did it during summer 2009 when Finland looks at its best.

Try yourself. Go to Google Maps, type a place and drag the yellow little man. It will show you blue streets in the map when Street View is available.


At same time they launch Google Street View in Norway and you can see in one of the streets a couple of Scuba Divers attacking the car.WTF? XDD


With Google Street View, Bing Bird’s View and 360º Cities, you can really have a good virtual visit to Helsinki from your sofa.

Writing from Helsinki

Sunday October 11th, 2009. 12:57 PM. Published under Spain, Tampere, helsinki. 4 Comments.

Bye, bye Tampere. Hello Helsinki!
New period in the life, leaving behind in Tampere great fellows and supportive teachers in Onnenkieli, where I have been 5 months learning Finnish.

Then, a busy and great month September: 2 weeks in Estepona, Spain, and then moving to Helsinki to start working in a Web development company.

Two days ago we received finally at home the Internet connection (25 Mbits !), and I have many things to post in this blog, so be ready. During this week I will write some new lines and more photos.

In the meanwhile, cold has arrived to Finland already and trees are telling you: Be ready, winter is just around the corner!


Vapriikki - Sitting Bull Exhibition

Tuesday July 21st, 2009. 11:21 AM. Published under Finland culture, Photos, Tampere. No Comments.

Couple of weeks ago we visit Vapriikki, the main museum of Tampere. Until Nov’09 there is a exhibition of the life story of Sitting Bull, one of the most known Indian chiefs. Some texts in the walls were translated to English, but almost everything and explanition of the objects were in Finnish.


Some stuff that call my attention:
The Tomahawk with a heart!,.. like telling “I will slam the axe into your head… but with love ok?”, . Joking aside,… was awesome their ornaments, clothes, shoes, etc. all full of color and geometry shapes. They were truly craftsmen.


Exhibition was well staged and background sounds immerse yourself into the atmosphere.

Aside this exhibition there is other zones in the museum, included in the price and I think they are almost everyone permanent: ice hockey museum (of course), toys museum, shoes with the famous finnish Reino shoes, it seems they are getting fashionable among teenagers ¿?.

More information in Vapriikki museum web. This is a photo from outside, where you can see the Tammerkoski river:


Vapriikki means factory and this name was given to the museum when they renewed it due of the fact that it was a old factory from the Industrial Age of Tampere. The center of Tampere actually has this cool looking, buildings of red bricks constructed when Tampere was the industrial heart of Finland during the 19th and part of 20th century. Notice that Tampere is a quite young city, that this year has celebrated his 250 years anniversary.